Every Sunday
10:30 aM
85 W Newton Street

Our Sunday gatherings are designed to reflect Biblical principles such as prayer, expressing adoration for God through music, preaching and teaching the Bible, remembering Christ through communion, and connecting with one another in community.

We welcome anyone and everyone to attend.

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On Sunday, NOVEMBER 30 we introduceD a new sermon series.

Advent has become ‘the holiday season’ measured by the number of shopping days left before the twenty-fifth of December.

If we were to observe Advent as the season of thoughtful reflection and repentance that it has traditionally been, we would have an opportunity to do just that: to rethink our priorities, to realign our lives with God’s desires for us, to seek forgiveness and to start anew. To spend the weeks before Christmas in this way is radically countercultural, to be sure, but it also serves to remind us that we are waiting for Christmas - and that the celebration of Christmas is worth waiting for.

That celebration is joy to the whole world...


Suggested Christmas Eve services and gatherings.

While Reality Boston will not be gathering on Christmas Eve, we realize that for many this is an important part of celebrating Advent and Christmas.

Because of this, for all individuals and families hoping to gather on Christmas Eve, we recommend that you attend one of the many great services happening. While we cannot mention all the great churches in the city of Boston, we do suggest the churches below:




As a church we give as an act of worship and generosity.

In an effort to better serve you, increase efficiency, and reduce cost, we will be sending all 2014 giving reports via email instead of physical mail.

If you gave financially to Reality Boston during 2014, please click the button below to complete a short form. Please take care completing the information to help us match your records. If you are married and want a joint giving report, fill out the form only once with both of your names in the first name field. Otherwise, fill out individual forms.