Biblical Literacy: Making Sense of the Bible

While the Bible remains a best-selling book year after year, it is also a book that is rarely read and frequently misunderstood. Even those who have been Christians for years can often read their Bible and leave feeling puzzled or wondering what God has to say to them today.

How does the Old Testament relate to the New? What does the book of Leviticus have to say to us today? Why are there so many strange laws in the Bible? Does an ancient and confusing book like the Bible actually have any relevance for today?

These and many other questions meet us every time we open our Bibles. What are we to do? The answer is not to throw up our hands in despair but rather to press deeper into what God has for us in the Bible. We must learn what it means to be, like Jesus, people deeply steeped in the Scriptures. We must learn what it means to be people who live with the story of God as the orienting story of our lives.

Together, we'll learn how to make sense of the Bible through a group held throughout the fall semester. In this group, we'll progressively walk through the Bible, interactively learning about both its story (content) and how to interpret and apply it (interpretation). Pray and consider if God would have you take this journey with us. Sign up below.

TIME: Tuesdays, 7:00 PM.

LOCATION: West Cambridge, near Fresh Pond & Alewife (free street parking around).

NOTE: Since the group will be limited to 15 people, it is likely that registration may be capped. Priority will be given to those who are able to attend the majority of the sessions, and then on a first-come first-served basis. You'll receive an email by September 16 notifying you of your status. Thanks for understanding!