Reality Church Boston

Reality Boston is a community following Jesus that desires to advance joy in the city of Boston through the good news of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Reality Church Boston. We're glad that you're here!

In the early church, wherever the good news of Jesus spread, it brought joy with it (Acts 8:8). Because of this, Reality Church Boston seeks to be a church community following Jesus as a diversifying family into his mission of advancing joy in the city of Boston and beyond. We gather regularly on Sundays at 10:30 AM and throughout the week in various homes throughout the greater Boston area.

This website contains information about who we are, what we believe, and how you can get involved. Learn more by clicking the buttons below.

Cultural Values

As a church family, we desire to live as a counter-cultural community with values that are shaped by the gospel. To this end, we aim to cultivate a culture shaped by the following values.

Intimacy with God.

Interdependence with one another.

Hospitality with our neighbors.

Humility with the truth.

Gratefulness for God's gifts.

Faithfulness in keeping our promises.

Sacrificial Love that goes above and beyond.