A Big Year for Reality Church Boston!

At our Town Hall Meeting, we discussed the addition of two new pastoral hires at RCB. Pastor Al Abdulla and members of our Leadership Team also discussed the year-long transition that he and his family are entering into. Click below to read a letter from Al in which he further explains what this year-long process will look like.

Clemons Family, Lead Minister of Reality Church Boston

Rashad Clemons - A Process For Succession

The Executive leaders of Reality Church Boston are committed to the flourishing of our future Lead Minister. Based on many conversations with consultants, coaches, character references and pastors, we’ve developed the following (working) plan to prepare Rashad, Reality Church and its Staff transition by summer 2020.  

This plan spans 12 months, and is designed to relationally, and incrementally transfer influence, authority, and responsibility to Rashad.

While not all of these responsibilities are highlighted in Rashad’s job description, these tasks will help develop relationships that foster trust, so that Rashad and the church can transition into this next season with utmost confidence. The plan follows 6 phases: Acclimation, Orientation, Experimentation, Communication, Acceleration, Activation. Each phase will be marked by a formal evaluation, facilitated by the Transition Team.


June 21 sermon audio/slides which speaks directly to the transition from Matthew 14.