The New Man - January 18-20

The New Man is sold out!

Reality Church Boston is hosting our first ever men’s weekend retreat. But it’s so much more than a retreat!!  Facilitated by Reinvent ministries, The New Man is more like a weekend workshop—transforming conversations within men, among men. The New Man gets to the core issues that press most men.

“The above description of The New Man is adapted from Reinvent’s workshop titled, “Man Talk.”

Am I the man God created me to be?

Men since Adam have wrestled with this and similar questions. Has God called me? Do I trust Him? Is His provision enough? Automatically, we say “yes,” and yet honest self examination reveals how past choices, failures, and missed opportunities frequently erode a man’s confidence, sabotage his effectiveness, and settle him safely on the bench in the game of life.

The New Man is about playing in the game—all in.

  • Embrace the infinite God and expand what you’ve decided is possible.

  • Reconsider questions of adequacy, goodness, calling, responsibility, challenge, duty, and significance.

  • Confront internal lies that restrain you.

  • Engage God’s potent gift of the freedom to choose.

Transforming men

The New Man is a powerful three-day transformational encounter that specifically tackles the concerns of men and taps into the resource God makes available when men come together in authentic community.

Get to the core

Through frank interactions, experiential exercises, and coaching in one-on-one, small-group, and whole-group settings, The New Man gets to the core issues that press most men. You’ll gain potent insights and clarity, and be able to make fundamental shifts that will propel you into becoming the man God intends you to be.

THE NEW MAN topics include:

  • Identifying your value in Christ and powerfully aligning yourself with it.

  • Clarifying your God-given purpose and vision.

  • Breaking free from patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Discovering the resource to achieve your calling.

  • Reinventing how you relate to life experiences and events.

  • Uncovering and changing beliefs that undermine your faith.

  • Enjoying the unique experience that comes from being with other men on a similar journey.

Sign ups will go quick! We only have 36 spaces available! Sign up before Jan 6 to get a discounted registration of $100. After that prices will increase to $130.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the investment?

RCB is paying 1/3 of your overall cost. That means your investment is only $100 if you sign up before January 6. This fee covers the cost of your room meals for the weekend.

Where Can I pay?

You can register and pay online through Paypal at!

When does the retreat begin and end?

The workshop will be held on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. Registration begins at 9am on Friday January 18 and the final session ends at 4:30pm on Sunday January 20.

Where will we be meeting and staying?

The retreat center where we’ll be meeting and staying is called Grottonwood. It’s located about an hour outside the city.

What will I need to bring?

You will need a weekend worth of clothes including clothes to stay warm, as we will briefly be outside during one of the sessions.

“Part of our reluctance to commit is because it stirs up questions of adequacy. But without commitment, failure is almost assured.”

The New Man is sold out!