This Lenten season we say ‘yes’ to hearing from God by reading the New Testament. Five days each week (for 8 weeks) we will read pre-assigned pages from The Books of the Bible, an NIV version of scripture that has no verses or chapter breaks. It’s meant to read a bit more like a story. Rather than reading for personal piety, we will read in community. Some of our Neighborhood Groups will center their prayer on the reading.

As we read, its easy to approach the Bible like another assignment, just checking off the religious box. God doesn’t love you any less because you didn’t get through your reading! The goal for us is to grow in our love for God through the reading.

To help you in this journey we've provided some helpful resources (below). Our hope is that these will help you to prayerfully encounter the Living Word (Jesus) through the written word (the Bible), leading to personal, communal and social transformation.