Lent is for Lovers. Yeah, think about it! We orient our lives around what we love.

You’ll reorient your entire day, even your entire life in order to have a moment with that special someone. The season of Lent is no different. Lent is traditionally known as the 40-day period prior to Easter (Sundays not included). It begins on Ash Wednesday (May 5th) and concludes on Easter Sunday (Apr 20th). Although Lent can be a season of sober reflection on the frailty of our souls, Lent is primarily about the counter-formation of our affections. As we reclaim our own belovedness in Christ, we reorient our love toward Christ.

Spiritual practices serve as a catalyst of this reorientation—especially in the season of Lent. Disciplines such as ongoing fasting, prayer, deeper repentance, moderation, & scripture meditation are powerful practices to renew our hearts and minds, especially when done with others. During this season we plan to read the bible together—specifically the gospel of Matthew. Our readings through Matthew are adapted from the book, Lent For Everyone. The weekday readings and discussion focus on Matthew’s gospel, while Sundays focus is on the Psalms. We’ve tried to make this reading plan accessible to all. As such, there are three ways you can follow this reading plan: 1) Through the free YouVersion phone app, 2) With this handout, or 3) By purchasing the book (kindle or hard copy). We really want to encourage you to read in community. Grab two other people and follow the Life Transformation (LTG) guidelines. For your own free copy, you can stop by the welcome table to grab one.

Remember, God is for lovers. The apostle John said we love God because he first loved us. To be a Christian is to have a brand new ‘Christ-In-me’ identity. Through faith in Jesus, your life is now hidden in the righteous life and love of Christ. The Spirit of God is shaping you more and more into the image of Christ, helping you become who you always wanted to be. By immersing ourselves in the Love of God, we long for his kingdom to come, in our lives and our world. And by bathing our minds in the gospel of Matthew together, there is potential to see Christ formed more deeply in our souls, our community and our city

Love is of God, and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God,