Lent 2019

Lent is traditionally known as the 40-day period prior to Easter (Sundays not included). It begins on Ash Wednesday (March 6) and concludes on Easter Sunday (Apr 21). Although Lent can be a season of sober reflection on the frailty of our souls, Lent is primarily about the counter-formation of our affections. As we reclaim our own belovedness in Christ, we reorient our love toward Christ. In this season, we’re going to commit to feasting on scripture together.

One of the ways we’ll be do this is to memorize Psalm 23 in community. Below is also an additional scripture resource.

On Sundays during the gathering and through social media, we’ll share stories about how feasting on scripture is transforming the life of our community.

In the past we’ve corporately fasted together, and our hope this year is that while we feast on scripture, you’ll choose to fast from the things that spoil your spiritual appetite. It’s up to you to ask the Spirit what to fast from. Remember that we fast because following Jesus demands both self denial and deep communion with God. During this season, we pray for the grace to recognize God's transformative power in our lives as we seek to love him, and know him more.