Reality Church Boston

Reality Boston is a community following Jesus that desires to advance joy in the city of Boston through the good news of Jesus Christ.

Positions Available

Reality Boston is seeking an additional staff member who is a faithful, mature follower of Jesus, walking by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and looking to join us as a diversifying family into His mission of advancing joy in the city of Boston and beyond.

Administrative Director

Role Summary  

The Director of Administration guides and implements the administration and organizational structure for human resources, accounting, and financial reporting. They oversee all aspects of Human Resources and serve as a resource for communication between Reality, as an employer, and the staff as a whole.

They also keep accounting records current and accurate in support of timely weekly, monthly, quarterly,and annual reporting at the individual ministry, mission, event, and church-wide-operations level.

Additionally, they assist in the design of financial reporting methodology, internal controls, and record keeping/maintenance. They will be accountable for completing the areas of responsibility by individual accomplishment and/or by delegation. They should be competent and willing to develop and lead a small team of people, including staff members and volunteers. The Director of Administration reports regularly to the Lead Elder and other elders as needed.

Application Process

If you’d like to apply for this position, please email and include:

  • Your resume
  • Cover letter
  • Contact information
  • The position titled in the subject line