Advent is meant to inspire waiting - active waiting.

The word Advent means ‘coming’ or ‘arrival’. In ancient times, Israel actively
anticipated the arrival of a King who would free them of oppressive injustice. They
awaited a Messiah who would heal their wounds inherited by the sins of their fathers
and satisfy the longing of their souls. Likewise, we too await the coming of a King,
someone to liberate us from same injustice and brokenness that we have inherited,
and which we have inflicted upon ourselves, and others. The focus of Advent is
anticipation and celebration; we celebrate the King who came in His first Advent,
and anticipate the King who has promised to come again in His second Advent.

This year, we’ve put together an advent devotional guide that is available for free download below. The guide is meant to be used individually and in community to help shape us during this time of active waiting. 

Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will awaken our hearts during this season of Advent, and that we would be filled with the peace, joy, hope, and love of Christ.