Week of 4.2.17

Wandering and Wondering

Set aside some time to intentionally listen to God in and through Creation. Head outside to the Charles River walkway, Public Garden, Arnold Arboretum, Mount Auburn Cemetery or another place where you can observe and listen. Wander slowly or sit still and pay attention to the birds, flowers, trees, natural sounds and other wonders around you. How is God’s glory and love reflected in what he has made? In what way is your hope renewed or your heart stirred in response?

Here are a few suggestions as you go…

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to lead you and capture your attention. If you find that you are distracted, simply invite the Lord to be with you and lead you once again.
  • Slow your pace. Walk slowly and pause if something captures your attention.
  • Reflect on the creation of God. Pay attention to the details, the sights, the smells, the sounds, the textures, the temperature, and the breeze. Imagine God’s delight as you observe, investigate and contemplate the works of his hands. 
  • Walk in silence and listen to God’s “whispers.” What we see in creation can teach us about God's intentions, timing, and the seasons of life and death.
  • Play! Take photos, make a rock sculpture, climb a tree, collect leaves, whistle, sing, dance or listen to a worship song that God brings to mind.
  • Take only what is needed. Decide whether you need your cell phone. If you opt to leave it behind, let someone know your plans. Paper and pencil might be useful.
  • Take notes. Make a few notes to help you remember what God gives you on your walk.