Week of 3.26.17

Reflective Sharing and Listening

“Intense listening is indistinguishable from love, and love heals.” ~Kenneth Blue


Preparation: Make a coffee date or take a walk with a good friend and spend 30 minutes intentionally sharing and listening to one another. Come prepared by jotting down your answers to the four following questions:

1. What are some good things that are happening in your life?

2. What are some challenges you are facing vocationally, relationally, and spiritually?

3. Describe your prayer life using three adjectives.

4. What activities in your life seem to draw you closer to God? What activities in your life seem to pull you away from God?


Reflective Listening Dynamics:

For the one who shares: Pay attention to what you say and how say it. (Essentially listen to yourself speak about God’s grace – there might be something worth noticing in your own telling.)
For the one who listens: Pay attention to what the other reveals about her life with God. Simply reflect back what you hear. Perhaps you hear themes or patterns or notice an overall desire. Refrain from giving advice. Trust that God is at work in the other and that your reflections will bring clarity to God’s work.

Pray: Pray briefly for one another (if appropriate for the setting) and commit to praying for each other throughout the week.