Week of 3.19.17

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina means “sacred reading” and is a way of praying with Scripture in which one reads, meditates, prays, contemplates and lives out God’s Word.

Before you begin, choose a text of Scripture that you wish to pray. (Suggested Lent related texts:  Isaiah 57:14-19, Psalm 130, Matthew 6:25-34, Luke 4:1-13)

Prepare to listen to God through Scripture by relaxing, taking a deep breath and remembering that God is with you. Enjoy the silence in God’s presence for a few moments before reading…


Read (lectio): Read the Scripture passage through slowly, listening closely to the text. Notice if there is a word or phrase that draws your attention. Sit silently for a moment and hold whatever word or phrase is addressed to you, as a gift from God.

Meditate (meditatio): Read the text again slowly and allow God to confirm His word or phrase to you.  In silence, reflect (ponder, ruminate) upon the text and notice how this word or phrase is relevant to your life today. Pray questions. Wait for God.

Pray (oratio): Read the text again, and listen for an invitation from Christ to you.  What is Christ inviting you to know, to do, to be, or to rest in? In silence, engage with God in prayer. Pay attention to God’s invitation to obey or to respond in some way.

Contemplation (contemplatio): Read the text again silently and take a few moments to rest in God’s love. Just sit, rest and trust in God’s living and active Word.

Incarnational Living (incarnatio): Instead of asking of this Scripture passage, “What does this mean?” ask “In what ways can I obey this word?” Perhaps journal about how you will respond and share this with a trusted friend.