Week of 3.12.17

Listening Prayer

This week, try praying in the following way. This method of praying use silence and reflection to acknowledge that God is always the one who speaks first.

Silence: Plan two minutes to sit in silence. Do not rush this time and do your best to entrust any cares or worries you have to God. Become open to his work in your life.

Worship: Intentionally and slowly read a short portion of Scripture, or perhaps sing the verse of a hymn, as a way to turn your heart toward God.

Reflection: Breath deeply, listen, and reflect on the word that God is up to in your life. Did anything in the Scripture or song stand out? Is there a way that God is calling you to respond? Pray this back to him.

Presence: Close by simply sitting still in God's presence. Pay attention to your body and to God's still small voice. Listening is really about opening up to love. Author David Augsberg writes, "Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people cannot tell the difference."